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Computer On Modules

Advantech Computer On Module series include: COM-Express Basic, COM-Express Compact, COM-Express Mini, ETX, and Qseven, all Design-In Services support in various small form factors while supporting CPUs ranging from Intel 6th Gen and ATOM. Advanced design-in service COM solutions: COM-Express Basic /COM-Express Compact /COM-Express Mini, ETX and Qseven. Not only does Computer On Module allow quick design turnover, it also provides benefits of iManager, thermal solution and design in service. For more COM Design Support Services, please visit

Product Categories

  • COM Express Basic

    COM Express Basic is the latest COM 125mm x 95mm form-factor, including Intel core i, Intel 6th Generation and Intel Atom processor. Because of wide range of processors, Intel core i, Intel 6th Generation and Intel Atom processors, COM Express can provides not only high-speed interfaces like HDMI/DisplayPort, PCI Express, SATA and USB 3.0 for volume data transportation, but also LVDS, PCI, and IDE for legacy applications.

  • COM Express Compact

    Advantech COM-Express Compact includes Intel core i, Intel 5th Generation, Intel atom processor, which are all designed with low power consumption processors. They perform the same functions and same pin definitions as the COM-Express Basic module but with smaller board dimensions of 95 x 95 mm. And COM Express Compact series provide from Intel core i, Intel 5th Generation, Intel atom processors, and is the best solution for mobile applications.

  • COM Express Mini

    Advantech COM Express Mini series boards includes Intel Core i, Intel 4th Generation, Intel Atom processor. With mere 84 x 55 mm in size, COM Mini series are the most compact COM modules and match all demands from Intel Core i, Intel 4th Generation, to Intel atom processor. COM Express Mini series is compliant with the COM Express Type 1/10 standard pin definition, and with a slight modification are able to commit with the existing COM Express carrier boards.

  • Qseven

    Qseven supports Intel Core i and Intel Atom processor. As a new concept in ultra-small form factor, Qseven can deal with low power processors, like Intel Atom, with on-board memory and storage. The Qseven module transfers all the major signals and interface to the carrier board via golden fingers at the PCB edge, instead of using traditional board-to-board connectors as other COM form-factors. From Intel Core i to Intel Atom processor, Qseven can meet all demands and provide best performance.


    ETX / XTX CPU modules are 114 x 95 mm basic form factor, which supports Intel Core i, Intel 4th generation and Intel Atom processors and provides a scalable solution that meets advanced CPU application development needs and reduces time-to-market. ETX / XTX CPU module has great I/O capacity and meets both ISA and PCI needs, while supporting the Computer On Module concept for plug-in CPU modules. With a wide range of processors available including Intel Core i, Intel Atom and Intel 4th generation, Advantech ETX / XTX CPU module gives application engineers powerful CPU platform choices, streamlining the product development process and reducing time-to-market. Advantech is a founding member of the ETX Industrial Group (ETX-IG).

  • Development Board

    Advantech Development boards provide a schematic software & reference to reduce design effort at the development stage. Development Boards have been designed in order to allow customers to verify the functions of COM, text carrier board problems and support COM series. Advantech has designed a Development Board which can be used to test carrier board problems and support COM series, and Qseven, ETX / XTX form factors.

  • Application Board

    Advantech Application Board is application-oriented development board which customers can view as not only a ready-for-use carrier board but also a development board for verification. The Application Board saves time and effort during planning stages and provides a schematic reference to reduce design effort at the development stage. Moreover, the Application Board inherits high integration features, provides a schematic reference and further emphasizes the characteristics of COM.

  • Evaluation Kit

    Advantech Computer-On-Module evaluation kits allow quick application deployment and minimizes development effort.

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  • Computer On Module

    Computer On Module

    Advantech COM Design-in Services covers all your questions from the design-in process and volume production, to product lifecycle management. We act as your in-house engineer as well as your personal consultant. Customers benefit from easy selection of modules, accessories and software, all backed up by our expert-integrated team. We transform complex COM development into easy tasks so our customers can better meet new market challenges. COM Design-in Service 1.0 is focused on timely response to customers’ issues. Now the new Service 2.0 offers proactive services with pre-valid technology to ensure project success and time-to-market.

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